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Today, we are already working on the financial technology of the day after tomorrow. Discover unimagined possibilities and be the first to benefit from solutions that will change the world of banking in the long term.

IBM Garage

With IBM Garage, we bring you up to speed with the latest technology. You can work quickly, in a pioneering manner and with as much agility as a start-up company. IBM Garage seamlessly combines corporate strategy, design, and technology on an end-to-end journey.


Blockchain allows you to keep transactions transparent, easy and efficient. We replace outdated processes and manual work with new types of cooperation, innovation and increased speed. With blockchain, we create new solutions and achieve tangible results.

Cloud computing

We enable banks to reinvent themselves in hybrid cloud environments along the entire customer journey. With competent advice, implementation support and managed services, we support you in simplifying and accelerating your path to the cloud.


Edge computing allows you to process large volumes of data right at the source as banking applications move closer to data sources such as IoT devices or local edge servers. We help you to optimize your business processes and renew customer services based on this technical innovation.


IBM offers comprehensive and scalable PaaS for developing cloud-native applications from scratch or modernizing existing applications to take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of the cloud.

IBM Cloud Pak® for Data

is a unified platform that provides a data fabric to connect to and access data silos – locally or across multiple clouds, without having to move the data.


A proven approach

IBM Garage is a bold, comprehensive approach to innovation, modernization and transformation that quickly creates and scales new ideas that dramatically impact your business. Co-create defines your vision. Co-execute proves the value of your vision. Co-operate scales your solution and your team's capabilities.

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Methodology: Practices that accelerate
The IBM Garage methodology guides how you work by bringing together an open, seamless set of practices with a human-centric, outcome-first approach. By applying design thinking, agile development, and DevOps tools and techniques, you'll learn new skills and master new ways of working.
Technology: Technology with a purpose
IBM Garage opens the door to IBM and partner technologies, and ensures your solution has the right architecture to build secure, resilient and scalable infrastructure and applications. IBM Garage is fluent in hybrid cloud and AI, with deep expertise in application modernization, data science, automation, security, blockchain, IoT, edge computing, and more.
Speed to value
With early expertise in emerging technologies, the IBM Garage is equipped with exclusive solution accelerators. Beyond our methodology, these include the IBM Cloud® Architecture Center, our value measurement framework, code pattern and design libraries, and rigorous insight into technical innovations and trends. This enables you to benefit from industry best practices and maximize speed to value.
Enterprise scale
The difference between innovation and transformation is scale. IBM Garage solutions are designed to handle enterprise-grade workloads, thrive in multicloud environments and protect against increasingly complex external threats.

IBM Garage also advances workforce modernization, helping you scale new ways of working throughout your organization and grow the skills of your team.
Multidisciplinary expertise
Your IBM Garage team is populated with designers, architects, developers, data scientists, business strategists, and industry thought leaders. Working with IBM Garage means you have flexible access to the experts you need, anywhere you need them.
We work with you – not for you
IBM Garage is not conventional consulting. It is a collaborative exchange of ideas, knowledge, experimentation and support. As a true partner, IBM Garage is dedicated to making sure that your business is more robust and your team is more capable, just for having worked with us.

How can IBM technology support you

IBM can help you plan a sustainable and profitable path forward with open, AI-powered solutions and platforms. We provide you with deep industry expertise that addresses your goals.


How to start?

Contact us with your business opportunity statements. Where do you want to be?

In four workshops we can discover where you stand today, to kick off your Garage journey and guide you to a target solution

Framing workshop

“We have a range of ideas for initiatives.

We need to decide which one would bring us the most value.”

    Discovery workshop

      “We have an initiative we’d like IBM to help with.

      We need to unpack it in more depth to understand the context better.”

      Solutioning workshop

      “We have an initiative we understand really well.

      Next we need to agree on a target solution.”

        Scoping workshop

        “We have an initiative and know the target solution.

        Next we need to understand what success means and define the scope of an MVP before we get started.”


          Make it tangible, build the MVP, iterate quickly, have a basis to further scale, and take the steps to reach the potential future


          • Work from a prioritized backlog of user stories
          • Observe daily team stand-ups, weekly retrospectives and weekly executive sponsor playbacks
          • Incorporate pair programming, test-driven development and continuous integration/delivery
          • Adopt DevOps and GitOps, and leverage microservices


          • Rapidly build the MVP
          • Co-create with IBM Garage squad
          • Prove hypotheses
          • Recommendations to harden MVP including reference architecture and roadmap updates
          • Learn new skills and experience a new way of working with the IBM Garage methodology

          Example areas for banking and the financial market we can support you with

          IBM wants to be your partner in the green transformation. We actively seek to work with organizations that share our commitment to local, national and global corporate citizenship and sustainability – committed to solving problems, finding solutions and bringing them to scale.

          ESG quantification and assessment

          Build resiliency and reduce financial losses. Calculate and understand the financial impact of climate change related risks. Turn data insights into clear priority areas for rebalancing the bank’s balance sheet based on sustainable portfolio targets.

          Sustainable operating model

          Build an operating model to ensure sustainability is infused throughout the organization. The considerations help in scaling up sustainability, e.g., setting up a sustainability COE to ensure focus and commitment, and a metrics and control tower for progress monitoring.

          ESG regulatory reporting and compliance

          Facing increasing regulatory requirements, a consistent way of measuring and capturing related data with automating reports creates transparency and saves time. Leverage sustainability reporting to control performance and support marketing initiatives.

          Sustainable banking products

          Develop new financing and investment products such as green mortgages, green bonds, loans for property enhancements, green mobility, or green funds. Leverage platform and AI solutions to meet sustainability needs of clients and investors.


          Solution examples

          Banks need to understand how to lower their data centers’ emissions to avoid penalties.


          IBM Cognexation

          Internal reporting dashboard

          Cognitive Extraction until Integration enables connecting channels fast by structuring, scoring and integrating ESG data into the existing landscape. IBM operates as an integrator and aggregator, identifying and validating relevant data from multiple sources. Hereby an auditable data foundation for a successful usage and seamless integration into the available application landscape and daily processes is ensured, using it e.g. for investment and credit decisions, risk management or external reporting.


          IBM ESG Calculator

          Environmental, social and governance factors are no longer merely set by regulators. They are increasingly becoming important for consumers and investors. To stay relevant, companies need to act now and get clear about their as-is situation.

          The Cognitive ESG Calculator Engine helps to find out how sustainable companies are – not only from an environmental but also social and governance perspective. The automated and AI-enabled ESG scoring tool simply needs a company’s sustainability report to calculate a score.

          The pressure to be compliant to environment, social and governance factors is rising. Regulators and consumers as well as investors are increasingly more passionate about ESG. Sustainability is no longer a cost factor. In fact, it has turned into a competitive advantage. If companies want to stay relevant in future markets, it’s not sufficient for them to solely comply to the minimum standards in ESG. Instead, they need to get clear about their impact on ESG factors.


          ESG Advisor Dashboard

          1. Approaching corporate clients based on sustainable business drivers via ESG Client Analysis along with an intelligent chatbot that has the ability to help guide clients' next steps

          2. Using various input factors such as business reports or individual customer surveys and analyze this input for the client

          3. Leveraging ESG KYC data models to benchmark organizations across their industry and to mitigate ESG risks through risk profiling

          4. Market advantages through further professional qualification of client advisors in the area of ESG identfication/ classification of sustainable assets through support of the ESG Smart Sales Assistant

          5. Enabling client advisors to acquire new and follow-up business by providing them with an overview of next best actions leading to qualified ESG advisory services

          6. Understanding the KfW funding guidelines in order to include them in the cost calculation of the application from the very beginning and to find matching funding opportunities

          7. Simulation of the next best actions using scenario analysis to demonstrate the impact of different actions

          8. Providing ESG-related trainings to individually upskill client advisors to become ESG professionals

          9. Automatically generate sustainability reports using the collected client data


          IBM Carbon Footprint Transformation Advisor

          Once the data is captured, integrated, structured and validated, next best actions are proposed and can be simulated, e.g. for a data center.

          Within data centers we do have a huge emission saving potential. AI-supported automation functions can be used to optimize IT and business processes. By optimizing processes alone, CO2 emissions can be reduced by more than half. With the use of algorithms that do, with weightable performance indicators, not only take into account classic cost factors when organizing workloads, but also the availability of sustainable energy and a prediction of the carbon intensity, CO2 emissions can even be reduced up to 90%.



          At IBM, we are passionate about the digital transformation of our clients. However, we want them to be sustainable as well. That’s why we provide them with our long-built expertise. Check out three of our successful achievements in sustainability.

          British Petrol

          • Bp pulse app deployment for EV users
          • 30+ features that are connected back into the back-end platforms connecting the charging ecosystem, technology services provided from across the bp estate and program architecture/data
          • Finance risk assessment uses our Climanomics platform to quantify bp’s climate risk exposure of their assets aligned with the TCFD’s recommendations for financial disclosure.
          • The scope and results of the (first) assessment were: 211 bp assets; USD82bn in equity asset replacement value; USD160bn in total asset replacement value across 18 countries and 6 regions.

          Value balancing alliance

          • Founded in 2019, the Value Balancing Alliance is represented by 20 international companies, OECD, World Economic Forum and leading academic institutions.
          • Capitals Coalition & WBCSD partner with VBA to fund the project TRANSPARENT from the EU through its LIFE program for the environment and climate action; member of the EU Platform Sustainable Finance.
          • 11 member companies from 7 different industries have successfully piloted the Value Balancing Alliance’s methodology v0.1.
          • The first pilot is an important step towards a standardized methodology for impact analysis across all industries.

          Raise Green

          • IBM and Raise Green, an impact investment marketplace for clean energy projects, announced their collaboration to develop Raise Green’s software solution deployed using Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud, intended to empower any entrepreneur to start their own community solar energy businesses.
          • Originator Engine combines multiple database standards, allowing companies to create filings for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
          • It also offers investment opportunities through the Raise Green Investor Marketplace and is designed to automate the process of creating and completing legal and financial documents.

          Why IBM?

          We live sustainability

          IBM has more than 100 years of experience with diversity, inclusion and equality in the workplace, striving for an equal and sustainable future.

          We know how to work with data

          IBM can integrate, quantify, structure, and benchmark your data using market-leading platforms and AI solutions. Thus, we make it available for your reporting and help you with best practices enhancing your business results and enabling consistent reporting against TCFD parameters.

          We can scale your business

          High performance and scalability are combined with platforms, cloud and analytics solutions. Our global network of business partners, systematic knowledge sharing, and cross-industry initiatives allow us to leverage specialized offerings and provide clients with as many choices as possible.


          IBM Ecosystem

          To give customers as many choices as possible, IBM leverages specialized offerings from its global network of IBM Business Partners, building strong relationships to combine the expertise, with technology and growth potential.

          Specialized Sustainability Consulting Firms

          Industry Consortiums

          Sustainability Solutions Provider

          Sustainability Consortiums & Initiatives

          Strategy Consulting Firms

          Universities & Research Organizations

          Our Goal is to win relationships, it is not winning a deal.

          We do listen and use the garage method to make sure your concerns and obstacles are converted into chances.

          We do have the technology and the skilled people to help you in your journey, putting your To Be visions into practice and help you to scale your business.


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