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Pathways in transformative sustainability: banking CEOs own their impact

Financial institutions hold the keys to unlocking sustainability within their own operations and across industries

In the past decade, companies, their stakeholders, and society at large have focused more attention on business’s role in sustainability as the effects of climate change have become more apparent. But over the past year, something changed for CEOs worldwide. Sustainability talk turned into action as continued disruption–including upheaval from the pandemic–thrust an even greater spotlight on climate change with society calling for a transformation of economic activities and business priorities.

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Shanker Ramamurthy

Managing Partner
Global Banking & Financial Markets, IBM Consulting, President IBM Industry Academy


    • Provide services to access data insights
    • Enable faster data driven decision making
    • Ensure data quality
    • Manage internal and external data sources


    • How to build AI models?
    • What data analytics tools are available?
    • How to manage the data quality?
    • How to access external data sources?
    • Where to host the data and the analytics?
    • How do I create operationalise a data science service?

    Climate change

    • Carbon emissions
    • Product Carbon Footprint
    • Financing Environmental Impact
    • Climate Change Vulnerability

    Natural capital

    • Water stress
    • Biodiversity & Land Use
    • Raw Material Structuring


    • Toxic Emissions & Waste
    • Packaging Material & Waste
    • Electronic Waste

    Environment Opportunities

    • Opportunities in Clean Tech, Green Building & Renewable Energy

    Human Capital

    • Labor Management
    • Health & Safety
    • Human Capital Development
    • Supply Chain Labor Standards

    Product Liability

    • Product Safety & Quality
    • Chemical Safety
    • Privacy & Data Security
    • Responsible Investment
    • Insuring Health & Demographic Risk

    Stakeholder Opposition & Social Opportunities

    Corporate Governance

    • Board
    • Pay
    • Ownership
    • Accounting

    Corporate Behavior

    • Business Ethics
    • Anti-Competitive Practices
    • Corruption & Instability
    • Financial System Instability
    • Tax Transparency

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